Free Video Training Reveals New Time Saving Approach for Philanthropy Leaders
Discover The Super Simple
"Tap-In Hinge-Point"  Technique You Can
Use Immediately To Save You Up to 10-15 Hours per Week!
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In this video you learn...
  • A Keen Focus 'trick': To experience more conversational flow without distractions
  • what NEVER to do again when you want to train or coach new staff
  • Why this 'bridge' is super important especially if old time management methods don't seem to work for you anymore and you want to have more free time now...
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Hi, I'm Maurits van Sambeek

...and I made this video for you so you can learn a simple technique to experience more conversational flow and greater benevolence in all your interactions.

The reason why this is especially well-suited for busy directors and leaders working in philanthropy is because it elicits, enhances and advances the wisdom for doing good that's already inside of you yearning to come out in even more benevolent and increasingly efficient ways.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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The Philanthropy Leader Blueprint™

-Starter Package-
What you get inside:
*The Blueprint - concise overview one-pager
*An initial walk-through training video of the Blueprint (for immediate deeper understanding)
*An Executive Brief History on the Philosophy of Philanthropy (for more clarity on what's next!)
*Special Report: Life Beyond The Happiness Index (for taking happiness in your own hands!)
*Five Secrets to Restore The Spiritual Bond Between Giver & Receiver (for a renewed and more balanced Philanthropy!)
*Ten Short Videos with Hands-On Time-Saving Training (that won't cost you any extra time! -this is real mindfulness from the heart in action)
*...and a Special VIP invitation!

PLUS... Time-sensitive BONUS: 
(for creating from and within more Benevolence!)

Copyright 2021 - Maurits van Sambeek, KvK-nr 75024357
Disclaimer: This works! Unless you don't apply it.
But that's just how it is, as it is with most things.
This video & the starter package is meant to learn from.
Thus, Use it Wisely!
Thank You
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